Google ante quem

What was the online world back in January 2001? What were people writing in websites about museums? Google has made available its oldest available Index, that of 2001; a terminus ante quem: everything that it includes was uploaded on or before January 2001. So, let’s see how compares the museum world of 2008 to that of 2001. I’ve put in the 2001 and 2008 Google search engines the following phrases and here are some interesting results:

“museum website”:
2001: 8,070 results
2008: 283,000 results

“virtual museum”:
2001: 68,800
2008: 1,160.000

“museum blogs”:
2001: 0 (!)
2008: 33,500
(According to Jim Spadaccini, the first museum blog may have been the infoTECmuseo, Quebec, Canada, started on 6.06.2002)

“accessible museum”:
2001: 108
2008: 5,460

“social inclusion”:
2001: 35,800
2008: 2,070.000

“museum learning”:
2001: 2,030
2008: 80,500

And the best ones:

“I love museums”:
2001: 183 results
2008: 18,300 results

“I hate museums”:
2001: 8
2008: 969

“I go to museums”:
2001: 2
2008: 4,910

One of those two people who ‘go to museums’ is Lady_Silverfire. On 11/10/00 he/she left a comment on an article titled “Why Should You Go to School? Is It Really Worth It?” saying:

I don’t go to school. I quit after my sophomore year and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The thing that most influenced my decison was a book called Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn. I honestly don’t think that quitting school has hurt my chances of having a reasonably good adult life. I think that the thing that most influences your later life is not whether you stay in school or not but rather what you do with yourself afterwards. *I* don’t watch soap operas all day or lounge around the house. I go to museums, spend time at the library, write, or do other things *outside* the house. I *do* sleep in in the mornings but I certainly do NOT consider myself lazy. In the past three months I have learned more than I did in my whole two years in public highschool. True, I have not learned much advanced math or physics but I honestly don’t plan on going into any sort of career that requires that sort of specialized knowledge. And if later on I do happen to change my mind there’s always community college.

Any comments?