Museum blogging

It is interesting what is happening at the Manchester Museum. More and more members of staff turn to blogging to talk about collections and exhibitions, reflect upon their own work, offer a glimpse of what happens ‘behind the scenes’ and invite people to voice their views about all these. There are currently seven blogs by members of staff at the Manchester Museum, covering a range of topics and interests: from mummies and the Lindow man to frogs and fossils (full list below). This and the printscreen’s ‘what do you think’ question indicate that curators’ blogging is taking up a more systematic consultation role with the wider community(-ies).

It is also interesting that these blogs are not ‘based’ in the museum’s institutional website, but hosted in popular blogging platforms (such as wordpress and In turn, people that arrive to the Manchester Museum’s website are invited to ‘visit’ the blogs, which, when clicked, open up in a new window and a new online environment. In a way, those are the ‘new spaces’ where the Museum takes place; online spaces that escape the ‘digital walls’ of the official website of the Museum.

Manchester Museum Blogs:
Egypt at the Manchester Museum
Lindon Man blog
Myths about Race
Our City blog
En-quire blog
Frog blog