Blogging over Break
Centenary Building, Salford University Campus

I am sure all of you are out enjoying your holiday and…visiting Museums 😉

At the prompt of our esteemed Professor I thought I would share one of my Museum related experiences and hopefully encourage anyone else who may want to contribute…errr, yea!

So, recently there was a “Museums as Creative Spaces” symposium at Salford University. It was amazing to realize was the great resources and thinkers that are so close to us yet so far from our own University umbrella. There were a lot of speakers, I won’t bore you with all the details, however it is worth saying that the tone of this event was very open. Professor Pat Sterry, the diva of the day, mentioned a couple times that if anyone had further questions they can email her or the speakers present on that day. This is definitely a useful resource for some of us. So, here is the link so you can see for yourself:

For Details about this event follow this link:

If there are any basic questions about the speakers I’d be happy to try my hand at answering them ( I have some of their emails via a handout).

You will notice Professor Kostas was on the itinerary for his talk about how Mobile Media can be used by Museums to effectively, ‘turn up the volume’ of the every day visitor’s experience. Everyone will be happy to know that with in the first 3 slides Kostas had identified his title, Methodology ( Michel de Certeau), and research question to the audience. So, its reassuring to know that a lot of what we are learning is truly a ‘best practice.‘ His talk was very well received and included a number of well placed jokes, images, quotes and analysis.

Basically, this symposium was probably the best symposium I have ever been to in terms of the diversity, practicalness and clarity of the speakers as well as Pat Sterry’s enthusiasm and grace.

Hope this blog finds you well and see you after the Easter Holiday!