Week 6 The Onsite Museum

Hello All! 

After a busy week of presentations, proposals and placements, I thought it was about time I sat down to reflect on this weeks action packed seminar which included Kostas’ presentation, fun with post-it notes and a quick dash to Manchester Museum.

This week, we examined the use of digital interactives in exhibition spaces and considered the evolution of digital media through Ross Parry and Andrew Sawyer’s framework in Space and the Machine. We tracked the progression of digital media from its humble beginnings completely outside of the museum to becoming totally integrated in to the exhibition in the innate stage of the model. 

I particularly enjoyed watching Louise’s bemused expression as Kostas handed her his mobile phone in 3 parts, and said nothing more. I though this was a really good example of illustrating how interactives in museums need to make it obvious how the participant is supposed to participate in the experience. Although it can’t always be assumed everyone has the same prior knowledge, and would instinctively know what to do. Luckily Louise knew exactly what to do from her previous experience of mobile phones, and put the phone back together in a matter of seconds!

While we were sticking post-it notes everywhere, one of the images we were looking at particularly interested me, it showed a text panel, film and label.  In the image, the digital media which we had been discussing as a tool for interpretation, actually swapped roles and became the object. I am particularly interested in the idea of using digital media as a medium for art, and I am currently researching the relationship between Internet Art and the Institution. Internet Art has a strange attraction and I’ve become addicted to exploring the work. I’ve added a couple of links in case anyone else wants to take a look, and no your computer isn’t broken, its supposed to look like that!  

I’m really looking forward to seeing the other groups presentation next week, its all been very secretive so have no idea what they have in store for us. Our group was particularly pleased when we actually managed to get our website up and running and live on the net, and we are looking forward to sharing it with everyone.



See you next week,