Week 3 on the Web

A belated post on our last week’s workshop on web construction. I hope you’ve found Nvu easy to use. I have to say, it was impressive to see that your webpages that you built in 2 hours passed the accessibility test of the a W3C W3C validation

I am currently reading about visualisations of the Internet and the Web (for example, see this: Visions of the Mediascape RoundUp) and thinking about what a visual map of a ‘Museum Web’ would/could be…I’ll come back to that…Speaking of mapping, here is an interesting way to map connections between museum objects: Eternal Egypt

Anyway, below I’ve included some links about Nvu and web accessibility that you may find useful also for the website construction of your group projects. See you next week.

University’s guidelines on Nvu

Further support if you are using Nvu

University’s guidelines of how to set up your personal web pages

W3C Web Accessibility Iniatitive Guidelines

W3C Checklist

W3C HTML Validation

TechDis: JISC disability advisory service

Cognitive Impairment Simulation

Screen Reader Simulation