A birthday and Week 1


The first birthday of the Digital Heritage blog coincides with the first post of the 2007-8 Digital Heritage Course of the Art Gallery and Museum Studies MA programme at the University of Manhcester.

The Digital Heritage course is taught over 12 weeks in the second semester and this Tuesday (29th January 2008), we had our first session in the very squarely arranged 4.05 room in the Mansfield Cooper Building (do you think we should rearrange the tables guys?).

Digital Heritage refers to the theory and practice of digital media in museums, galleries and other cultural institutions for purposes of curation, intepretation, communication and learning. It is exactly those issues that this course we will be dealing with in the next 12 weeks of classes. More about the course’s themes here. The themes ‘Online’, ‘Onsite’, ‘Mobile’ and ‘Social’ Museum refer to the interconnected ‘spaces’, settings and experiences the use of technology can support in museum and gallery environments. We look at them separately to identify the agency of the different media and the characteristics of each (online, onsite, etc) experience, but will be also reflecting on the links between them.

Each week, one of us will be writing a ‘blog reflection’ on the discussions we’ve had in the class. Hopefully, those reflections will stimulate more discussion online and we warmly welcome everyone who would like to participate in it by leaving comments on the posts. The blog will function also as an online notebook of the class, so other posts relevant to the Digital Heritage course may appear from time to time.

That’s all for now. I am looking forward to next week’s presentations on the DigiCult Report. Technological Landscapes for tomorrow’s cultural economy.