Monthly Archives: February 2008

Week 5 – Curating Museums on the Web

Hello fellow bloggers! This week ive mostly been…. Week 5 on the Digital Heritage course saw us conclude ‘The Online Museum’ section with a discusion on ‘Curating Museums on the Web’. In week 4 Malcolm Chapman had enlightened us towards Manchester Museums humble beginnings on the web. A key concept of that talk was how quickly ideas and technology […]

Week 4 – The changing role of a museum website…

Hi all! I hope everyone had a successful fourth week of Digital Heritage and that the group projects are coming together nicely. It’s my turn (albeit belatedly!) to reflect upon last week’s session where we were treated to an extremely interesting presentation by Malcolm Chapman, Head of Collections Development at The Manchester Museum as the second part […]

Week 3 on the Web

A belated post on our last week’s workshop on web construction. I hope you’ve found Nvu easy to use. I have to say, it was impressive to see that your webpages that you built in 2 hours passed the accessibility test of the a W3C W3C validation I am currently reading about visualisations of the […]

Week Two: Digital Culture

Salutations, Week 2 is coming to an end and there’s no better time than the present to reflect upon our second class together. The most memorable part of the class for me was everyone’s presentations on the Digitcult report. Taking into account Moore’s Law: that technological capabilities are increasing exponentially, roughly doubling every 2 years, […]

A birthday and Week 1

The first birthday of the Digital Heritage blog coincides with the first post of the 2007-8 Digital Heritage Course of the Art Gallery and Museum Studies MA programme at the University of Manhcester. The Digital Heritage course is taught over 12 weeks in the second semester and this Tuesday (29th January 2008), we had our […]