Monthly Archives: December 2007

Passing through a ‘non place’

Few weeks ago, we were discussing in the course about museum exhibitions in ‘non places’ (like underground stations, airports, shopping centres). Passing through Frankfurt Airport to get a connection flight to Athens, I came across this advertisement about an exhibition at the Staedel Museum in Frankfurt. The irony is that this advertisement is in the […]

Relexivity (and an animal icon) at the Melbourne Museum

Institutional reflexivity and the uses of performance in museums are topics that frequently arise in our teaching and research. This week my first visit to the Melbourne Museum prompted reflection on both issues. The Melbourne Museum opened in 2000, following a reorganisation of the Victoria’s nineteenth-century state museums. Within the museum, Bunjalika (meaning the land […]

“Assembling Culture” Research Workshop, Melbourne

Assembling Culture was a research workshop held here at the University of Melbourne on 10th and 11th December. The workshop was convened by Tony Bennett (Open University and CRESC) and Chris Healy (University of Melbourne) and brought together a dozen scholars from Australia and the UK who spent two days discussing the potential of Actor-Network […]