Monthly Archives: November 2007

What is the single most important function of museums?

The Museums Association has made a short film asking museum professionals ‘what is the single most important function of museums?’ and uploaded it on YouTube. Here it is First of all, I am really glad that the MA has decided to explore the use of YouTube. The responses are really interesting and varied (some familiar […]

Can our computers illuminate the dark corners of museum stores?

Its a sad picture to imagine – thousands of objects once destined for a display cabinet now boxed up and gathering dust in the shadowy depths of a storage room, unseen and unadmired. For most of us these cavernous warehouses of untapped knowledge will forever be semi-mystical stores of hidden potential. Of course, it doesn’t […]

Feeling, discovering, tasting

When feeling objects, discovering ideas on cards and…tasting sweets can stimulate more discussion about collecting, interpreting and exhibiting objects than bullet points on PowerPoint… [from our Tuesday’s seminar groups]