Futuresonic 2007


Futuresonic is an annual 3-day festival of electronic music and media arts that is urban, cutting edge, international, inclusive, and in Manchester”. It runs on 10-12 May, although many of the events run for longer. It’s packed with events and I am definitely going to the following two:

‘Social Technologies Summit’,
Contact Theatre Oxford Road, 10-12 May

The Social Technologies Summit, the ‘ideas strand’ of the Futuresonic festival, is a major international conference exploring the creative and social potential of new technologies, bringing together leading figures to explore “a whole new way of doing things in the air”.

The Social Technologies Summit promotes technology as social practice, and explores the social impact of technologies, in particular a new generation of network technologies that are increasingly embedded in the social sphere. It looks at how people collaborate to make or use technology, at the way in which certain technologies can create an extension of social space or support group interaction, and asks how we can make technology more social.

In 2007 the Summit returns with a programme that is stronger than ever before, including one day presented by a major new interdisciplinary research centre at Lancaster University; the Environment 2.0 talks and presentations; and a session introducing the leading figures in the grass roots open source movement that is sweeping across Brazil like wild fire and captivating the world’s imagination


‘Art for Shopping Centres’,
Market Street, 10-20 May

Transforming the city into a space of experimentation, freeing urban space, making it strange. Art For Shopping Centres is the centrepiece of Urban Play, continuing Futuresonic’s focus since 2004 on taking artworks out of the galleries and into urban space

Download the brochure of Futuresonic 2007