Monthly Archives: April 2007

‘The Internet has a face’

Following Tuesday’s discussions on museums, social software and YouTube and related to both Lena’s points about ‘style of communication’ and Kyoko’s last question in her post, here is an interesting post and video by Becky, a student of the Digital Ethnography group at Kansas State University (you may remember the ‘Web 2.0…The machine is Us/ing […]

Week 10

Yesterday was the 10th session of the course. Time flies! Our class this week discussed the role of the social software in the museum and surrounding issues. Social software, such as blogs and podcasts, is a new way to approach current visitors as well as potential visitors of museums, although there are many issues to […]

Blog abuse

During today’s class I was reminded about a Guardian article I read a while back, about abusive language on blogs. I’ve managed to locate it here (the wonder of the web!). I think it makes some interesting points regarding the anonymity of blogging, censorship, and the effect your post may have on fellow bloggers. It […]

Museums and Social Software

I am delighted to welcome this post by Lena Maculan, PhD Student at the Department of Museum Studies, University of Leicester. In her PhD research, Lena has been studying various types of web-based technologies and the notion of user-generated content in order to explore new ways in the production and presentation of knowledge in museums. […]

Week 9

In June 2007, the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester will be opening a Communications Gallery. In order to offer visitors a more personal interpretive tool, a handheld multimedia guide, Mi-Guide will be trialled. Researchers at The University of Salford are developing the Mi-Guide with funding from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council. On […]

Walking on the ‘Fallen Leaves’ at the Jewish Museum Berlin

Just before Naomi uploads the “blog reflection” of this week’s session, let me squeeze here a video clip I shot with my mobile phone at the Jewish Museum Berlin, walking on the ‘Fallen Leaves’ in the Memory Void (and yes, I know I am not Steven Spielberg!). The text panel says: “Menashe Kadishman’s installation “Shalechet” […]

A mobile week 9

I hope you’ve all had a good Easter break. My trip to Berlin was quite productive; managed to visit and do some useful fieldwork in five museums: The GDR museum (a museum about the everyday life in in the German Democratic Republic); the Checkpoint Charlie and the nearby Haus am Checkpoint Charlie Museum, the Pergamon […]