Monthly Archives: February 2007

Museums Online II: From Organisation to User: the changing focus of a museum website

  Malcolm Chapman, the Head of Collections Management at The Manchester Museum spoke in our seminar today. _ The history of the Manchester Museum website although not a-typical, serves as a case study for the pathway of progression that the majoirty of museum websites take. Linking closely with Piaget’s theory of development (which paralleled week […]

Behind the scenes

It’s already week 5 in the ‘Digital Heritage’ course. Following our workshop on building websites, this Tuesday we will have the chance to discuss some of the things we have been talking about in the course in the context of a particular case study: Malcolm Chapman, Head of Collections Management at the Manchester Museum will […]

To click or not to click?

Continuing on this week’s theme on web design DONTCLICK.IT is a very interesting project (been around for some years now)… How hard is to break with our clicking habits? What happens if we remove the essential element of navigation from an interface, which we are accustomed to? Does it change our behaviour or navigation? Is […]

Website construction

Well done everyone building your first webpages with Nvu last Tuesday. It was also great (and impressive!) to see that your pages passed a W3C validation . Here are some links that you may find useful: University’s guidelines on Nvu Further support if you are using Nvu University’s guidelines of how to set up your […]

Museum Staff Blogs

Looking at the website for the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) I clicked on the ‘Blog’ tab and found a list of blogs by different staff members at the ICA. These include blogs by the artistic director, press officer, bookshop manager and (note job title!) web manager. Through commenting on these blogs and creating dialogue […]

From YouTube to YouNiversities

Henry Jenkin in a recent post on his blog argues that universities must use YouTube (and other Web 2.0 applications) if they want to shape people, who are needed by society, or who will be able to live in our rapidly changing society. He calls for university departments based on YouTube and Wikipedia: allowing for […]

Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us (+ a response)

Is the machine using us or are we the machine? See what Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University thinks about it… and response to that by CoryTheRaven Food for thought for our next session. Taken from Digital Ethnography @ Kansas State University