10 Principles in our Academic Web Practice

It’s been one year since the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures at the University of Manchester was formed out of the merge of two Schools (Arts, Histories and Cultures; and Languages, Linguistics and Cultures). The School is now one of the largest (if not the largest) groups of students and academics in these areas […]

Social Media and Universities

The best April Fool’s jokes tend to raise eyebrows, but not to an extend that they (the jokes, not the eyebrows!) are not believable. Yet, when Times Higher Education published their April Fool’s article this year on “Social media data to be included in new World University Rankings indicator”, my eyebrows remained in their usual place. […]

Return to Blogging and Turn to Digital Humanities

It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged (a while means 3 odd years!). This coincided with me getting more consumed into twitter culture: following, tweeting, RTweeting, archiving, storifying and all the “-ings” that in the context of twitter are more about “keeping track of” (another “-ing”!) rather than taking the time to think, reflect, […]

Social Media as Contact Zone: Networked communities and art gallery communication

(diagram by Julian Hartley) Julian Hartley is a PhD student at the Centre for Museology, University of Manchester doing a practice-based PhD on the relation between people’s use of social/participatory media and the production of associations and meanings around content of the Whitworth Art Gallery (WAG). Julian aims to investigate the processes for producing social […]


On Thursday 18th March 2010 we are launching CHIMERA (Cultural Heritage, Identity and Memory Research Area). ‘We’ is Anthropology, Archaeology and Museology at the University of Manchester. CHIMERA aims to bring together researchers working on cultural heritage, memory and identity from different disciplinary areas of the University of Manchester and beyond to develop cross-disciplinary research […]

Small Updates

‘Curators in Residence’: Hidden archaeological sites and ‘virtual curating’ Since October I’ve been away on research leave working mainly on my “‘Curators in Residence’: Hidden archaeological sites and ‘virtual curating’” project in Veria, Greece. This project focuses on archaeological sites that exist ‘out of sight’, beneath modern developments (usually blocks of flats). These archaeological remains […]

Agents of Cultural Change

by Angelina Russo* (Visiting Blogger) Who or what are the agents of cultural change for the cultural institution sector? Over the past 20 years, the communication of cultural materials has undergone a number of transformations: – early shifts from single institution, building-bound collections to first generation online cultural networks: CHIN, CAN, The European Library – […]